Our Dogs

A fun bunch of rascals:

We have a small, famIly sized pack of Collies on the farm at this time.

Star is a very loyal, loving and calm Collie. She is a vary rare and stunning Tri-Sable Merle and we are excited to meet her and Jack’s puppies for the first time very soon!




Sky is a smaller collie and a true lover, she would sit on your toes all day napping if she could. She is calm and sweet but give her a big ole’ elk bone and she will do serious work on it!




Jack is quite the gem. He is very loving, calm, loves to run and is our son’s favorite cuddle buddy. He is a beautiful sable color will produce absolutely gorgeous puppies.




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We had a new litter from our Star and Jack in early March 2021, pups will be available soon!